In a time when the power struggle has left a generation of young boys without mentors—the ability to destroy the ideals of toxic masculinity it's within our grasp. We must break the cycle of lust; our ancestors passed their insatiable desire for the female body—reaching it was their only goal.

But now, we have the tools to break free from their shackles—the era of the internet gave us the potential to see the lies of shame. The unreachable female body must become common for us to shift our attention into more crucial aspects of life.

Simps are just boys waiting to unwrap a gift—desperately holding back for a chance to catch a glimpse of a woman's nipple. We're supposed to overcome the weaknesses of our fathers, but we won't have a chance when society deems it illegal for women to show their bodies.

That's why I bring you my simple solution. Press F11 and enter the PlaySimp Gallery—train your brain by looking at the images, without desire. Break the cycle and become the men modern women are looking for—someone who won't fall into the traps of lust. A man in control of himself.


PlaySimp's Team

PS: You're welcome to support the movement by sending nudes here.